Four good things, vol. 2

These aren’t the only good things, but these are four good things.

ONDA, by Jambinai

A Korean band that fuses traditional instruments (like the piri, haegum, or geomungo) with post-metal influences. A thoughtful, propulsive, fantastic album.

Grocery for macOS and iOS

A shopping list, recipe keeper, and kitchen inventory app. I particularly like its recipe formatting, which is an extension of Markdown. But the way it sorts items on your grocery list by how you shop is also handy, since I always walk through the grocery store the same way.

Nona the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir

The third book in Muir’s Locked Tomb trilogy. It’s good, but it’s also an overlong extension of the unreliable narrator with amnesia effort she put to such good use in Harrow the Ninth. The interludes may be the best part.


An examination of the Hampstead hoax, a flashpoint of the Satanic panic style conspiracies that flourished so readily in the 1980s. Alexi Mostrous creates a compelling investigation that never loses sight of who has been victimized, and how.

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