About me

Everything else has changed, and I’m the same ghost

I’m Aden (hi there!) and I run this website.

I like to share things with people, whether it’s movies, music, books, or anything else that’s caught my eye. I worked as a bookseller for quite a while, and that was the fun part of the job. Since I do it all the time anyway, I figured I’d do it here, too.

I’m a writer

I’ve been a writer for longer than I could read or write. I’d dictate stories to my mom, and have her write them down for me. (In hindsight, I realize she could have just said she was writing them down, and instead be working on her grocery list, or whatever.)

(Though she wouldn’t have done that, because she’s amazing.)

I wrote a book

I wrote a book to learn how to write a book: an urban fantasy about an angel of death coming to terms with his ex-girlfriend’s murder. It had some great ideas, but the execution was a little rough. (“Execution,” get it? Eh? Eh? I know, I can’t nudge you through the Internet.) Besides actually writing a novel, I did learn a lot, and I plan on sharing some of that here. What worked, what didn’t, how to tell the difference.

I might also talk about the book I’m writing now, though I tend to keep that close to the chest. (Just wait until you read it! I’m excited to hear what you think.)

What is the what

Thanks for stopping by, new friends! You’re all caught up.