Four good things

These aren’t the only good things, but these are four good things.

Bad Blood: The Final Chapter

John Carreyrou’s followup to his investigation on Theranos, the (…allegedly) fraudulent blood-testing startup. As of the date I publish this, there’s eleven episodes delving into the trial and the evidence it’s turned over.

The Deep Sea.

Best gone into blind, except to note that—while the sense of creeping dread will make you worry about it—there’s no jump scares. Beautiful and eerie.

Design Regression.

A journalette about research into design. While it’s still academic in nature, it’s focused on short pieces without the unnecessary obfuscation you get in a lot of academic writing.

Donut County.

Billed as a “physics adventure game,” it’s a narrative around a small desert town, raccoons, the odd folks who live there, and you, piloting a hole in the ground. My daughter’s favorite thing to watch me play, after Untitled Goose Game.

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