Idle hands, and all that

I collect hobbies, like playing the guitar, drawing, or learning Norwegian. Here’s a few of the more productive things I’ve worked on.

Same Ghost

These are my images. I’ve taken a lot over the years. I publish the ones I like best.

The best camera is the one you have with you, so I take a lot on my iPhone 7 nowadays. I started with a fixed-lens digital, a Nikon 5mp that dates back to 2002 or so. I’ve also shot a good bit of 35mm, and my favorite there is Kodak Tri-X.

The most unusual piece I’ve got is the Glorious People’s Camera: a 120 twin-lens reflex from the Soviet Union (seriously, all the lettering is Cyrillic). I bought it off eBay in the middle of the night after having dental surgery, and I paid $25, shipping included.

Check out the site. You know what they say about pictures and words.